Strategic approach to real estate investment

Strategic approach to real estate investment

I often have been asked by my friends: how to manage our real estate, how to go about real estate investment planning, execution and other research work. Well every time my answer is same “make a strategy”. Yes, you have heard it right it’s the strategy that’ll help you to maximize your returns and minimize the risk associated while investing/purchasing a property. Whether you want to buy out a house or a commercial property you must asses the risk and returns associated with it. Apart from this as a smart investor you must look into the growth prospects of your capital.

So, one might ask me what’s the strategic approach I am talking about? Well strategic approach includes everything from selecting a property to finding options to get returns as sooner as possible. It is all about having a sustainable strategy that will generate you multiple dividends over a period of time. Let’s have a look into strategic approach to investment in real estate. Firstly, decide on the type of options available by your side i.e. residential, commercial, industrial and land, evaluate all the options available to you. Secondly, have a clear objective as in what are your financial goals like monthly dividends, long term capital gains or just building your empire. Once you are clear with all of these then you should go further.

While this is where it gets complicated. Once you have decided your purchase say residential or commercial space it becomes too difficult to manage them like looking for tenants, receiving rents regularly, maintaining your property and addressing issues faced by tenants. So, how come on this earth one could look after all these things? Here’s what technology has offered us a devise strategical approach to look after this problem. There are couple of tech-driven firms who looks after your property and provide you end to end solution; we call them as property management companies. While they leverage on their technological expertise as well as their well-trained staffs to look after your property. They not only help you in collecting rents and managing your property but they also look for tenants for your property. One might wonder how efficiently on earth these guys are solving problems of millions.

Well the picture not only ends here, these guys too expertise in providing you right consultancy as to where you should ideally invest, they have a group of experts who conducts intensive research on markets so that you can get maximum return with minimum risk. They have a comprehensive platform wherein they list various properties across the city say Bangalore, before listing any property they do all the background work so that you don’t have to worry about other aspects. Also, you can list down your property here too if you wish to sell. See how efficiently whole process has been channelized and all the paper work and else has been taken care by these professionals.

So, to conclude start looking for prop-tech firms that will manage your property and take all the stress for you. This is indeed a sustainable and more strategical approach to your investment, which will more likely to work for you both in short run as well as long run. Make sure you get maximum benefit out from it. #start_investing #Happy_Investing #prop-tech